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Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Why am I getting worse and not recovering, he asked me yesterday... I wished I knew.

Everything seems so fresh in my mind. The scar is permanent, no doubt. At least it could've lightened up couldn't it? It didn't.

I'm just going on and on in circles; or rather, in a wave of frightening roller coaster ride...

How do women do it?

Maybe it's the lack of sleep. And true, fun, intimate couple time free of the kids stress and work stress.

He thinks I have another man outside, *chuckles* darling, you must be out of your mind... My whole life... I've only been romantically involved with two persons... You and...

Myself. (rofl)

It's hard to make my heart ache this bad for another man. Rest assured I'm telling the truth.

Just keeping my fingers crossed that we'll pull through these two years...

With more sleep time, perhaps the two of us could spend couple time laughing rather than hitting the pillows.... *winks*

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


It's really been a while since I've written anything in here.

I'm beginning to wonder if I could ever get out of my own misery. It's not a matter of

It's self control.

Control over what my heart and mind should be thinking about.

Control over the downward spiral of self pity and degradation.

I don't feel any form of respect for myself. I feel... well... in simple terms... lousy.

Chris was right. I could change a zillion parts of my body and stay stick-skinny, but I'll never be satisfied unless I truly love who I am - something I cannot seem to be able to do.

I look into the mirror and see this ugly, fat potato staring back at me...

I hate bath time. I get to see my totally crumpled, naked body that I hate. A reminder of how it used to be the envy of many... What happened to my taut tummy, my firm, nicely sculpted butt...?

Then he comes along, and tells me how he loves his beautiful wife... how he digs my milk-laden breasts and flat butt...

I just wished this had happened eons before my self-esteem plumetted.

At least I can truly say that I'm blessed with a wonderful husband.

Now I have mixed feelings... I do not believe a single word he says. To me... he's just compensating me for all that had been done.

Deep down, I know for 90% that what I thought was totally untrue. He genuinely feels this way. Now. Its what matters, right> NOW.

When can I ever snap out of this freaking vicious cycle of self destruction?

I just hope he'd still be holding my hands despite me pushing him away at times. I just hope... that we'll still end up holding hands, walking in the park when we're 80... as planned years before when we first started.



As the door closed, I turned around
It was perfectly made, that golden crown

The crown of love that he'd carefully bound
The symbol of promise that I've found

Was it still meant to be, was it still mine to keep?
Could it still be my source of life, could it still run deep?

Would it crumple once more, and once again take the leap?
Would it break my soul or would it heal where the broken heart sleeps?

Have faith, HE tells me...
For the one who holds on, will surely see

That the crown is forever meant to be
And the hand that I hold will stay thee

**************************************************** Author: Queensovereign

Saturday, May 8, 2010

In my dream... I confronted her.

I asked her why she chose to romance a married man, with a kid in toll. Had she no respect for the woman married to him? Isn't she a woman too? Why do this to a fellow venusian?

In my dream, she was indignant, unrependant, full of herself. Just as she must be, in real life. Not her fault, she told me. Never was.

I gave her a slap in the face; something I'd never do in real life. People were siding her... Even my baby...

Guess the perpetuatee always win sympathy... But I thought I saw love that still sparkled in his eyes...

Impossible in real life, but very real in my dream...

I woke up crying.

Is my life never going to be normal again?

I'm so happily loved right now; yet not enjoying it like a normal, blessed woman should. It's so unfair. So... Wrong.

Anyway... One good thing came out of this freaking nightmare...

She was darn short in my dream... Like... Dwarf short okay?!?! Muahahaha...

I hate her.