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My Tw|t Garden
Thursday, March 5, 2015
To break every chain

How does one pray to God?

I used to ask myself. Do you clasp your hands tightly in a single fist and hold it near your chest? Do you raise up both hands and reach out to the heavens? Where should your palms face, up or down, or even sideways?

These nitty gritty used to trouble me. I feel bound by religion, by the worldly laws and expectations. I gave up seeking God soon after. I was uncomfortable, I was unsure. I didn't think God would bother. I knew He is always there, whenever I face challenges He is always there. But I didn't know Christ then.

I didn't know He was the reason God loves me so. Today, I stand righteous, in Him. I have relinquished all rules that had bound me to this world. I am in this world but not of it. He tells me that I can pray in whichever way I want, and that the only thing He asks of me is to pray in faith. Faith that was planted in me before I exist. The seed of faith I need to sow.

I can sing, dance, read His Word, listen to Him, commune with Him; prayers are of so many kinds. Today I learned another way. I realize how much love my Abba Father gives. He is more than a Father. He is my light, my joy; He is Love. He is the one who keeps my prayers in a bottle, and it is written in His book.

I had another huge revelation last night. My past came flooding into my locked memory. I was 8 or 9, I was in bed, crying my heart out. I felt the whole world was against me, I felt that I was fighting a lonely battle. I was heartbroken, my young self had such a painful, achy heart that she thought she was going to die right there and then.

The Lord showed me that He was there. He was cupping his hands, collecting my tears. He was there. And I didn't know. The Lord gave me the reason for His work. He is for me, not against me. He wants the best for me. He has plans for me. For others.

My heart is now aching for another reason. It is not easy for Abba to watch us in pain and not be able to help. You have to let Him help. Call out to Him. Take that one step towards Him and draw near. He assures you that He will take a hundred steps in return. Accept His gift of faith. Let Him use you as a worldly vessel so His light would shine through you.

I have been set free. Truly free. My lifetime of identity struggle and facade has been taken away. I feel kind of liberated. As if some huge load came off my shoulders. I know I am still work-in-progress. But I am not afraid. He has shown me that all would come together in His time. All I need is to grow the seed of faith. The day it blossoms into a flower, I know I have arrived in His kingdom.

"Broken chains."
His words echo in my heart. The place where He sent His gift for me to reside. Thank You Father, thank You Lord Jesus Christ. You have broken my chains, and I will be still. I am empty and ready to be filled. All glory be to the God Most High.

I never knew how much I am worth until I met You, Lord. I am worth Your only begotten, only wonderful, only beautiful Son~

                         The Tree of Eternal Life.
akiane kramarik

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