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My Tw|t Garden
Saturday, May 8, 2010

In my dream... I confronted her.

I asked her why she chose to romance a married man, with a kid in toll. Had she no respect for the woman married to him? Isn't she a woman too? Why do this to a fellow venusian?

In my dream, she was indignant, unrependant, full of herself. Just as she must be, in real life. Not her fault, she told me. Never was.

I gave her a slap in the face; something I'd never do in real life. People were siding her... Even my baby...

Guess the perpetuatee always win sympathy... But I thought I saw love that still sparkled in his eyes...

Impossible in real life, but very real in my dream...

I woke up crying.

Is my life never going to be normal again?

I'm so happily loved right now; yet not enjoying it like a normal, blessed woman should. It's so unfair. So... Wrong.

Anyway... One good thing came out of this freaking nightmare...

She was darn short in my dream... Like... Dwarf short okay?!?! Muahahaha...

I hate her.