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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Not that random really.

These are gonna be really organized thoughts.

Of how I'm gonna fight and keep on fighting for what I believe in.

That people forge relationships for reasons unfathomable to human.

That one is always right for another.

The strong is linked to the weak to support and hold.

The calm is linked to the anxious for peace.

The chatter is linked to the listener for an audience.

Giver or taker, doesn't really matter. We all owe one person or another.

It's good to be owing someone you love anyway.

I can't walk away.

But I can make things better or worse.

I'd never have imagined my life to be like so, and when it really sank in, all I could think of was how much time I've wasted not doing anything about it; wasting it away playing the victim role, forgetting the ones who are the true victims.

I can never stress enough how difficult it is to wear my shoes. And how difficult it is not to be able to express my life story as an open book.

It's restricted zone now.

Yet with this new found quietness, I've managed to work something out on my own. Again.

So I do not really need to share it all to get inspirations.

The brain is such a powerful tool.

All I have to do is persevere.

There is a reason why I'm here.

And I've already convinced myself that it's worth it.

Help me out here, I know You didn't plan for this, but yeah, I accept with grace, this task You bestow upon me.

I can do this. You will get Your son back from the devil eventually. And I would be the one to hold his hand when he's ready.

Our three angels would make sure of that. :)