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Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Why am I getting worse and not recovering, he asked me yesterday... I wished I knew.

Everything seems so fresh in my mind. The scar is permanent, no doubt. At least it could've lightened up couldn't it? It didn't.

I'm just going on and on in circles; or rather, in a wave of frightening roller coaster ride...

How do women do it?

Maybe it's the lack of sleep. And true, fun, intimate couple time free of the kids stress and work stress.

He thinks I have another man outside, *chuckles* darling, you must be out of your mind... My whole life... I've only been romantically involved with two persons... You and...

Myself. (rofl)

It's hard to make my heart ache this bad for another man. Rest assured I'm telling the truth.

Just keeping my fingers crossed that we'll pull through these two years...

With more sleep time, perhaps the two of us could spend couple time laughing rather than hitting the pillows.... *winks*