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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Not that much of a happy ending.

There never was.

The end is only when death sets upon you; all other times - they're simply highs and lows of your life that you struggle to cope with.

You don't see happy endings in photos; they're just frozen happy highs of your life set to remind you of what you should aim to achieve everyday.

Note to self: "aim" doesn't mean it's a definite entity.

People fail, children fall all the time.

It just irks me that people remember the lows more frequently than they reminisce the highs.

Particularly yours truly.

It's funny how I laugh at whiners who lament about their pathetic situations when I know for a fact that I do that all the time.

At least the only comfort is that I whine mostly to myself; or at least not directly to a person.

Yes, so what if I love to publicize my feelings in a virtual world?

Try having betrayal for breakfast, abandonment for lunch, disrespect for dinner and silence for supper.

That'll make anyone cut ties with the real world.

I'm at one of my lows once again.

Not very proud of it, but oddly happy enough to know that it will turn tide sooner or later.