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Monday, January 21, 2013

Everything's in limbo.

I mean every part of my life is.

It's like stuck in this ridiculous state of being where I could neither move forward nor backwards.

It's like death; yet not quite.

Oh believe me I've gone through every possible mean of dying.

It's just too wrong to do it considering that I have three other human beings I'm responsible for. At least for the next 21 years till they could each call their own shots in life.

No really. Where am I?

Everyday just passes by in a whizz and a whirl and nothing seems clear to me.

Have lost my zest for life.

Even work seems like a torture nowadays.

Everything seems to be a reminder of my pathetic existence.

I need major help.

Oh but wait.

Where do I find time to go see a specialist who could help me?