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Saturday, January 5, 2013

This yoyo-ing effect of fluctuating between insomnia and too much sleep is freaking me out.

Just yesterday I felt like doing nothing but sleep, then today I'm all hyperactive and can't seem to shut my eyes.

And this happens everyday single day!

Like up and down roller coaster riding....

Moody. Truly moody.

When you say wits end, I think you don't really know the intensity of it until you experience it yourself.

I'm at my wits end.

Such a subjective statement. Yet how do I explain it to people I know?

I can only pray that it'll all work out.

One way or another.

Safety is ultimately the primary goal.

I know I don't make sense.

My life doesn't make sense either.

Just lots of emotions, lots of challenges, lots of what ifs.


If I can say what if, it means I have them. Regrets.

But moving forward, the best medications for regrets is not to think about them.

Since nobody would give a damn eventually.

No one does other than yourself.

No one.

This is just a nonsensical entry.

I can't write anything here.

They're mostly in my notes on my iPhone. Weird but yeah, the notes app is my new journal.

I can ramble on and on, but what I really wanna do is to get it done.

What? That, you may ask.

I don't know too.

It depends.

The ending, is only sealed, when it comes.

I really need some rest.

Like I could get it.