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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sadness everyday.

I wonder if people really die of heartache.

I must have really done much evil in my past life to be going through all these.

In fact, I think I am the epitome of evil. Even now.

The heart's throbbing but lifeless.

The body's moving but soulless.

The eyes are looking but blind.

All that exist are for one and only one purpose.

To redeem thyself.

And hopefully, when the day comes, the sad, soulless blind object could say goodbye in confidence.

That the little ones would start happy chapters of their own, without sorrow.

Upsets and challenges in life are unavoidable; sorrow, on the other hand - is plain torture.

I'm redeeming myself in a way He would approve.

Silence and good karma.

Knowledge should not be boasted.

Nor should wisdom.

I am going to do this. I will.