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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Belle is in my arms again. Heavily asleep.

My arms are aching. Lots.

Why do I not let go of the burden that causes me such pain?

Because I know; that if I do, she'd hurt herself. And she is just as helpless as I am.

Being with Belle this one week has taught me many.

Why people love they way they do, why mothers never see their sacrifices as, well, sacrifices.

I don't even think about the future where my kids are expected to return all the love I showered on them.

Not less now, never I think.

Because I'm a willing party.

I have a responsibility to provide, irregardless.

I just wish sometimes, that someone would say that to me.

That he'd provided for me, shelter me during a thunder storm, be my hero and save me when I'm in trouble.

Yes I can managed to save my own ass time and again, that doesn't mean I don't dream of someone doing that for me.

It's a curse to be wise.

Especially when you purposely put it on display.

This part, I've failed miserably.

Where did my wisdom go?