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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Weird day.

Started really lousy, that's backlogged from last night.

Didn't really feel in the mood for work and all, but managed to clear some work despite the physical and mental pain.

Somehow, I no longer have the wish to dish it out in my public blog.

I still have my private one to seek solace from.

I wonder what I'm getting myself into in this life...

I feel as if I've lived forever today.

As though I'm so old and seasoned, no one could surpass what valuable life lessons I could offer.

As much as the pain lingers, and new ones come up, I still feel blessed by the little gifts God has planted in my path.

My three little angels - mummy owe you guys so much.

My beloved love - in you I trust.

My dependable colleagues and friends - you gals are the best.

My clumsy helper - you have made life with three kids that much easier to bear with.

My responsible, pretty boss - you are one-of-a-kind lovely and gracious.

So many people I have to be thankful for... So little time to thank and appreciate...

The uncertainty and pain still lives, but I'll survive; just like how I've managed these few years.

I'm hoping... Hoping that one day, just one day, he would finally become the man that he wants to be.

One day, I'll wake up finally feeling safe and pain-free.

I could leave these hopes for tomorrow - right now, I just wish to enjoy every moment that God has intended for me.

Good or bad, I'll take it in stride.

And that long prayer you did with me today, Chris, was lovely.

We can do it. We can.