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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Had the weirdest encounter at city square mall basement carpark. This black Honda stream three cars in front of us stalled at the exit gantry and we had to divert to the other exit gantry in the next lane.

Somehow the un-civicminded car driver next to us refused to give way and kept inching forward; tailgating the car in front of him so we couldn't shift in front of his vehicle.

Usually I would just shrug it off since there was really no harm in waiting for a civic-minded person to give way...

Yet it was late, kids not had dinner, whining in our vehicle and some other freaking irritating factors led me to feel darn pissed at this unruly gesture.

So I decided to be unruly back.

I showed them (driver & passenger - man and wife) my finger; with a sweet smile no doubt.

I guess that smile added insult to injury and that man was really upset his ego was trampled on. And because hubby moved forward in such a way that that rude man's vehicle was made stuck and had no choice but to let us move in front of him...

He actually got down and stood in front of our vehicle to prevent us from moving off!

Anger can really make people do STUPID things muahahahah!

Then the next thing you know, his passenger also got down to take photos of our vehicle. Like, what the freaking hell are you gonna do with that picture? Post it on youtube?

The police wouldn't entertain cases like INSULTING OF EGO you know?

But they sure do entertain road rage.

Dear Mister... You are a genuine case of road rage. If you think my husband is stupid enough to get down the car and fight you or run you down, you are terribly mistaken.

All the more you are just gonna get my pretty smile and shake of head as I show you another FINGER to further rub it in your face.

In the end people in the darn jam you've created are only gonna get pissed with you for delaying them and be witnesses for us at your road rage.

Next time, be more intelligent and not do things like getting off your vehicle and threatening other drivers.

And tell your wife to buy an iPhone. Nobody uses ancient mobile phones to take pictures of pretty vehicles like ours anymore.

Lame people.

Still ended up having to give way to us and had to receive loads of horns if disapproval from other vehicles behind them.

You should've discreetly let us move in front of you if your driving skills are bad my friend.

No point crying over spilt milk in front of our vehicle like a wounded cat.

That only made us laugh.

Super funny.