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Saturday, June 18, 2011

I'm baffled.

I wonder what triggers the sadness I feel every now and then....

Is it the mood? The songs that caught my attention? The environment? The events that led me to remember?

I can't tell for sure... But I do know for a fact that I hate it when this sadness engulfs me.

It makes me feel lonely and unloved all over again.

I get it. It's not me, it's her. I get it.

But why do I still hurt? After so long? After all the fun and lovely times and memories newly created?

Is this suppose to continue till the end of my life?


I'm growing to slowly accept that I'll forever be having this painful fragment of my life in my breast pocket... Occasionally jutting out to hurt.

This is part of my life story now. This is part of our journey towards eternal love together.

When I hurt, he'll be there to make it better. This is what matters.

So what if he's a self centered chauvinist who likes to be angry?

He loves me, our children, our family - that's what matters.

Because love - has and will continue to make him a better man.

Because love - will make me a better woman.

Because... Love - is what holds the world together.