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Sunday, May 22, 2011

I never knew buying a house could be this mentally stressful.

I've only been that dead set on moving; I forgotten to think about where the heck we should go.

First, there's the issue of school.

Our kids would need a convenient neighborhood school to study in - prestige is secondary.

Then there's amenities, accessibility, facilities and so many more issues to consider before we could commit ourselves into the buy.

And truth be told, I'd much rather stay far far far away from you-know-who but alas, it seems I'd forever be bound by the ghost of past misery.

Yet I'm determined not to be haunted by it, even if it so set it's mind on binding to my arse.

I'm walking out of it's shadow, slowly but gradually. A set of Mickey and Minnie are seated on top of my TV console, staring at me daily... The bed was shifted back to the dreaded position in the bedroom and I appear to be coping - not unaffected, but coping fairly well enough... We're set to move to the east of Singapore (so near to Bedok) and yet I don't think it's THAT big an issue...

Perhaps the wound has really healed this time. The scar really throbs painfully at times; yet I felt more thankful for the future than make myself dwell on what has transpired.

Our future. Together.

Who cares if we'd be on the same EW line on the MRT?

We have a beautiful future to work on - too busy to care about other mediocre people.

I just wished someone could've pat me on my back and tell me that I've done a good job fixing my life; the crooked, torn and tattered life has now begin to straighten out. Finally.

And he has given, or is going to give, me a place to commemorate that. A place I could finally call a home.

Our home.