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Friday, April 1, 2011

Realized I didn't even have time to trim my nails the past two weeks.

Work and family are both wearing me down. But I know eventually all would work out well. They always do.

I miss my well-groomed body.

Isabelle may just need to say hello to the world earlier than she would like, due to some medical problems I'm having - yet I'm all good.

Better earlier than late.

And no matter how messed up work seems to be, there seem to be that glimmer of hope shining brighter by the minute.

I've got great help on board to fight the battle alongside with me - and hopefully with new blood here and old blood gone, operations would be smooth as toufu.

Aw, so many things to look forward to in the coming months.

I must make a mental note to maintain my focus on my family.

They're all that matter in my life.

And number one on the list is Chris.

Love him to bits.

Even though he ill-treats me ALL the time.

Goes to show I need to work harder at loving him.

Up goes my socks!

I'm so tired. Yet happy.

Happy to be alive and fighting for love and striving to achieve the best at work.

I'm feeling useful today.

It's not all the time I feel that way, you know.

Useful Sam.


Counting my blessings amidst adversities seems a tad bit easy today, I wonder why....

And now to get my big butt up from the couch into the bathroom.

I hope everyone counts her/his blessings today before they fall into a slumber!

Life is hard; still there must be some good hidden somewhere!

Look that way, and you'll see the goodness in life.

I did.

And am glad.