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My Tw|t Garden
Tuesday, April 12, 2011

If we were to do away with a helper...

I'd do the general chores like:
- vacuuming and moping the floor
- cleaning the kitchen, fridge, cabinets
- washing the dishes, cooking
- bathing the kids

And he'll handle the tougher ones (read: those that I hate doing):
- ironing
- cleaning the fan and air con
- cleaning the window grills
- changing light bulbs
- wiping the ceiling lights
- fixing damaged stuff
***He loves rescuing me from chores that I hate!

Then we'll share the rest:
- washing and drying clothes
- changing bed linen
- tidying up after the kids
- et cetera et cetera et cetera!

I'm lucky to have a husband who's willing to share the chores with his wife.

And I'll be perfectly happy to relinquish the helper of her duties and take over.

Yes, it's nice to have my clothes ironed all the time and food on the table when I'm home from work.

Yet, with all these come other headaches that we wished weren't there.

I think I could make do with doing the chores at home feeling like the movies or a badminton session with my husband - as long as we're at it together!

He was right, just as I was right.

Helpers are not all that bad; yet we could jolly well make do without one.