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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

There always comes a time when a person would stop and wonder, if it was all worth the effort.

After all that has been said and done, that person has come to realize that nothing in this world is permanent.

Not relationships,

not wealth,

not health,

Not even one's own integrity.

I wish to remind myself by writing this down - that for all things that are not permanent, I should not fret.

Which means, there's nothing in this world worth fretting over!

My persistence in believing in what I hold true transcends the aching feeling inside my heart right now.

I believe that everyone looks out only for themselves.

To each his own.

Only when one is blinded by love would one do something sacrificial - or even brainless; irrational.

Neither group of individuals should be blamed for what they would potentially do, or have done to others.

For the justification to have done what they did - is ever so strong.

At least to them.

I'm done with the blame game.

And with the closure of this chapter, I will begin another with a new and fresh outlook.

I'm the lizard in your house that refuses to die.

I shed my burden to ease moving forward.

Without my tail, I could still fight.

As long as I keep myself alive.