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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Realized it's been quite a while since I last wrote something.

It only means two things:

1) I'm in a stable mood and I need no writing therapy.

2) I'm so freaking busy I don't even have time to poop and write simultaneously anymore.

Whatever the reasons, I've many things to be thankful for - this I'm glad.

True I may be lamenting about lousy co-workers and their incompetency, then again (as Chris would have it), how many could work with my kind of standard?

So to make myself feel less shortchanged and more accommodating, I've decided that there are just some people who would never live up to standards their whole lives, and I should pity them.

Pathetic fools.

So I've got less reason to be upset with them now.

On a happier note, Isabelle is just one month plus away from her debut performance.

I wonder how she'd fare in comparison to her brothers.

Family life's great, I'm sorry I couldn't write anything for anyone to gossip about.

Nevertheless, everyone should be elated to know that I haven't contracted any STDs so far. (*_*)||

Right. Jokes asides, I'm really all stressed up about getting STDs whilst remaining monogamous on my part.


I mean, it'd be such a dampener if I really had one kind of virus or another... I didn't even use more than one man. :(

Everyone in this world should just keep to one partner and stop spreading these dirty viruses.

Especially cheapskate women who indulges their private times with married men. (Note to self - I'm not insinuating that it's anyone I know, it's really generalizing...)

I'm writing nonsense.

But it's rally darn therapeutic to be writing about nothing but nonsense.

Makes me feel relaxed for a bit.

No I'm not saying that I'm stressed.

I'm just... a little... uptight.

No uptight doesn't mean stressed.

It simply means...

That I need a break.


A major break.