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Monday, March 14, 2011

Once again, God had reminded us that Human cannot control everything.

I wonder if it's the preggie hormones at work or something else, my eyes geared everytime I read about the quake and tsunami victims in Japan.

There we are, millions, in fact zillions of people lamenting daily about how fat they are, how miserable their work is making them, etc - and yet, they've never faced the worst.

I'm reminded, and humbled, once again - that life is beyond me. And that I should count my blessings everyday instead of grumbling about what's not ideal in my life.

There's really little we can do when it comes to nature and it's way.

All we could do is to accept graciously what comes and handle the worst with our best might in unity.

I wonder what little good our praying does in helping the victims...

If I can choose, I'd fly there and be physically aiding the people in need.

They could do with some psychological support, physical aid, medical help.

I feel useless when I realized there is really none of the above I'm able to do.

Thus, the feeling of guilt when I switch on the lights in the house when the sun goes down...

The feeling of being an assh*le when I drink a glass of plain water...

The tendency to reprimand my son when he turns on the tap to wash his hands for too long.

My daily problems are mediocre compared to what is going on out there in the world - yours are too.

So don't fret about not having enough sleep and get your butt to work...

You are already very lucky you've got a steady land to stand on.