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My Tw|t Garden
Friday, March 18, 2011

I started last Saturday.

Thinking of one reason why I love him. Daily.

And I realized, with everyday that I count my blessings to have him, I appear to appreciate him more than ever.

He deserves it.

All the good stuff that he's getting now.

He has worked his arse off evolving himself into who he is now.

And I have to stop looking at the minor habits that irritate me.

I just don't feel right penalizing his little bad habits anymore.

Somehow - they no longer seem important for me to grouse at.

I'm amazed by the effect of counting blessings.

Have gotta start doing it - count blessings - in everything I do.

It makes me feel that I'm the luckiest and most blessed being in this universe - even though I know I'm not.

You people should all try it.

The kick you get out if it...

is priceless.