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My Tw|t Garden
Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The old man beckoned to her.

She was hesitant, yet curious what he wanted of her.

In his wrinkled hands, he held an inconspicuous bag of something she couldn't quite make out.

At that moment, she was bursting with suspense kept hanging by a rope.

"What is it, old sir? What is it that you want me to see?"

The old man smiled, gripping that bag of 'something' even tighter than it already was.

She was getting impatient; yet perplexed by the old man's act of nonchalance.

His gaze met hers; seemingly telling about what he was about to do.

Undaunted, she maintained eye contact. She grew indignant and wished to possess that bag.

She threw a glance at an imaginary object behind the old man's shoulder.

He did not take the bait. Instead, he kept such a steady composure, she was sure he had something valuable in his hands.

She grew desperate by the minute. Millions of thoughts whirled in her mind at that instance and she couldn't quite make out which one to listen to.

But one thing was for sure. She wanted it. She wanted it so bad, she'd do anything to get it.

She flashed her pocket knife she'd kept in her purse for emergencies like robbery; and held it near the old man. The irony of it all!

The knife was cutting very close to the skin shielding his carotid artery.

"Give it to me old man!"

The old man smiled even more ridiculously, and moved as if to stand up.

The young woman; startled yet ridiculed by this act of defiance, began wildly slashing his neck in a terrible turn of events.

As the old man fell to the ground in a pool of blood, the berserk woman pried his bloodied fist to get to the bag.

The bag opened to reveal nothing but a dozen of worthless stones.

Suddenly aware of what she had just done for the sake of some stones, the crazed woman let out a heart-wrenching scream.

She screamed until somebody shook her at her shoulders.

"What's wrong Elena?"

She realized she was back in the hotel room with her lover; it was all but a nasty daydream.

"Come on, you were supposed to take a bath and you fell asleep in the tub? I've been waiting for ages and I'm missing you already."

Realizing what that dream meant, she burst into tears.

"I can't do it, Max, I just can't, I'm sorry."

That said, she quickly dressed herself and ran out of the room, leaving Max behind.


Alright. Second installment of my many excerpts to come. I hope you people like them.

Today's story is about temptations - the ridiculous tendency of human to succumb to such evil is getting so rampant, I fear for what is to come by the time my children grow up.

Temptations exist everywhere - and it is really up to us to decide whether or not to give in to them.

We always have a choice.

Don't believe otherwise.