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Sunday, January 23, 2011

It's been a while. :)

I've been leading a hectic yet fulfilling life the past weeks.

No time to stop and watch the sky like I used to.

Even doing number 1 in the toilet demands a quickie rather than the usual 'write a blog entry as you do your business' thingy.

I realized that feeling useful really helps with depression.

Being useful - well, it's a whole new league of it's own.

Some people think they are useful; thus the feeling of usefulness. Others ARE genuinely useful; thus the physical state of being useful.

I have gone through both. And seriously, it really much better knowing that you are genuinely of use in this world than realizing that you are just creating a sense of grandeur about yourself.

A friend asked if I'm happier these days - busier but yes, happier.

Sometimes I even wonder if the sky's really the limit; or everything is actually limitless.

It only goes to show the prowess of the human mind - perseverance and sheer concentration (of course you do need a little brain or wit) do magic sometimes.

That's why when my husband tells me that time will prove that our love could withstand another 50years - I believe it will.

Because I know for a fact that he has the same kind of tenacity I have. The kind that makes you keep going until you get what you set out to achieve.

He'd been using it unknowingly - in a negative way of sorts - yet the moment he decides that the right path is the one he's gonna walk in this lifetime, I know, for sure he could do it.

He's the male version of me - only better.

He just hasn't realized it.

And when he does, I'll be there to celebrate with him - because when finally he knows himself to be useful - the sky will never be the limit.

I'm blessed.

And I refuse to be complacent.

I'm learning a new skill starting now: to be humble.

It's the only virtue that could be my saving grace right now.