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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Haven't got a lot of energy to write lately.

Conserving the energy for my favorite and work.

Hubby's no worry. He's been almost non-existent for the past week. Night duties. Working his butt off to grab some savings before the coming of Isabelle.

My favorite's been his usual self; seemingly more empathetic and less grudging lately though.

I wonder if having peace - no one shouting and throwing angry fits at home - has anything to do with the change in him.

I've been sort of trying to encourage him to get in touch with his emotional side recently.

I realized that most times when things do not go his way he tends to flare up and blame others for his little 'misfortunes'.

So I gathered he might not really know how to communicate his emotions and feelings despite being self-aware that he is upset.

I would throw words to his little mind, encouraging him to relate those words to his current feeling.

Sad, angry, jealous, happy, tired... Simple words he understands, but couldn't attach his moods to.

It sort of worked so far... I noticed he is beginning to blame people less, and is more forward in telling me how he feels.

Like the time he was 'jealous' cos I didn't not scold Ian for upsetting isaac's cup of milk. (well, he expects everyone to NOT scold Ian and that upsets him terribly).

Or the other time when he was 'tired' and didn't wanna get out of bed.

These verbalization have greatly reduced his frequent whining and screaming; though I should say there's definitely room for improvement.

One thing I really don't understand though, is why do I not see confidence in him despite my consistent praising and acknowledging his achievements since birth?

I came across this very interesting article in a magazine and I thought this might be my answer to my question.

It's inherited.

Parental traits might have rubbed off on him without us realizing.

I am so gonna work on building his self confidence.

I mean, this is such an important attribute to succeeding in life, don't you think?

It's really difficult to believe in yourself when confidence is lacking - even the most intelligent person would have to believe he is - before he could actually solve some incomprehensible algebra question.

Isaac's gonna make it anyway. I'm sure I could bring out the confidence in him soon. I just need to spend more time with him...

Rather than indulging in my self misery of being fat and ugly.

He's my favorite afterall!