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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Was supposed to shop for groceries with hubs.. In the end I got a little weak-kneed and had to sit and eat a $4.10 frozen yogurt.

I'm so wishing this is a bed instead.

And now I digress.

Used to walk down memory lane and feel all the pain emerging like choke-loads of sewer smell. Causing a momentary loss of consciousness due to lack of oxygen.

Nowadays it's much easier when it comes.

Cos I talk about it.

I no longer fear the dark roads where I walked alone.

The pain is equally intense... Yet I feel comforted that he knows when it strikes.

The pregnancy is wearing me down as usual...

Only because I seem to be pretending that I wasn't pregnant and continue to do all sorts of stunts that a non-preggie does.

Four more freaking months to go before I am free of this bulge.

I'm so going back to my 44kg weight and sexy dresses.

And I'm going to make crazy love.

Not that I don't now *grins*; it's just that I feel less adventurous.

Why am I talking about frivolous things... Okay, my mind is wandering.

Hubs is done with the grocery... Gotta go!