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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I know that I was advised never to talk about IT to him.

Experts and lay people alike say bringing that subject up would only push him away.

I tried to keep to that rule for two years.

And realized it made me more insane and obsessed.

Maybe what these people are trying to tell me that we don't talk about it in a resentful way.

Maybe... its both healing and therapeutic to talk like adults do and bring closure like lovers do.

I made him realize what it was that scared and obsessed me all this time.

And he made me realize how silly I was to think that.

He showed me his heart.

Like a real man.

I'm glad I chose to do things another way rather than stick to what hadn't been working.

Well... if the way you chose keeps the road bumpy... it really doesn't make any sense not to change path when a filter lane emerges, right?