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My Tw|t Garden
Thursday, December 30, 2010

Clearing my leave today yet I'm back at my clinic - needed to attend to a patient who couldn't postpone.

Did some reading; gonna read some more after lunch, and I'm loving the solitude.

I've always enjoyed being alone. I could read, think and reflect on things people never stopped to ponder their whole lives.

Like how some people give without receiving and are contented that way.

Or how others spend their days hating their jobs and end up never really doing their jobs at all.

Then I'd wonder why aren't I giving when I know I'm going to experience more joy doing it than sulking at how little I could offer.

And how much I love doing what I do everyday because my job teaches me humility, evil, love, compassion, mercenaries, and the uselessness of power.

Then, after all that thinking... I put them to action.

I give whatever I could offer, and realized those were enough:

A lonely woman on the train station needed someone to talk to. I shared part of my life with her and hers with me. I was happy.

A colleague working hard to make ends meet for his big extended family in the month of festivities and I gave what I could offer - lunch and a full tummy.

A little girl who simply wished to ride on the buggy ride my sons were riding on and I carried her onto the ride together with my sons.

These made my days filled with joy.

I just kept giving and giving. And I realized how much I had to offer.

Likewise - life gave back to me in return. I learn that setbacks at work are not all bad.

I learn that not having the duty you requested rostered to you simply means someone else gets theirs granted.

I learn, that if you aren't performing as well in your job as you should - maybe you should just start by loving what you do.

I am thankful for the quiet moments I could reflect.

I am grateful for the wonderful pain-ridden men and women in this world who write things that inspire me.

I'm growing flowers in my sovereign garden today.