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My Tw|t Garden
Tuesday, December 28, 2010

As I was contemplating about my life last night, I came to realize one stark reason for the sufferings bestowed upon me.

People do not get inspired to be better in good times; in fact, they deteriorate.

In good times, people fail to appreciate kindness, inculcate empathy, cherish love.

In good times, people expect to be infallible, invincible, powerful.

I feel that God has planted pain and sufferings to us with a good cause. To remind us of all the goodness waiting to be picked from the sovereign's garden.

Growth is then possible.

Some people may see these as tests of faith; others abhor them to the bones.

For me, I am slowly learning to appreciate the good pain does to me rather than resenting it.

We only hear of the success of prominent figures in this world. But who is to say that they've not been through sufferings to get to where they are?

No one likes to talk about failures. Even if it happened in the past and they are now successful.

No baker talks about the millions of burnt macarons; they'd rather show you the dozen wonderfully baked ones.

Somehow... somebody has got to stand out and show everyone that they are not alone.

You are not a lousy baker just because you've burnt twelve cupcakes; burning them means you've learnt ways not to repeat the same mistakes and grow wiser in your bakery skills.

Who is to say that that lady who is crying her heart out in a dark corner at that popular Irish Pub is never going to find love again?

She'd only realized that she should never pick a man who frequents pubs and dumps women in pubs for a prospective husband.

That said, I wonder what else I have to learn before I stand before God and tell Him that I've lived and learned.

That I've experienced joy in my lifetime as Samantha Teo and would gladly do it again just to touch more lives I didn't manage to.

Change is inevitable. The only choice we could make is to change for the better; or worse.

How many of us already know that love is about giving and not asking for anything in return?

But how many of us really practice what is preached all over?

I have made choices many times over in my (almost 30 years of) life - yet now, as the universe continues to evolve without stopping for a breather, the choice I'm consciously making is the clearest and most positive of all...

I have to put to practice what I've already known all my freaking 30 years (almost) of life.

They are certainly true and I believe them with my heart and soul.

The more I give, the more abundant it is in me.

The staunch believers say that God lives in you. God is you.

I say - forget about where God resides.

Believe, and He simply is.

The pilgrimages to find Him are in fact journeys made to discover ourselves - He is, but all over.

Do I have to actually make a religious trip somewhere to the other side of the world to find out what I truly am?

Or are our lives already one of the many journeys embarked to discover the true selves?

Dish out the bad, and goodness would follow.

Purge the poison, and fresh warm blood would regenerate.

Isn't life all about discovery?

My pilgrimage has not ended. In fact, it'd only end when I've discover all there is in me - and effect necessary changes to welcome goodness.

There is so much to ponder over - but I'm all good.

I have a good guide. He would be yours too, if you let Him.