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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Took Prozac last night cos I couldn't take the rain no more.

I was high all morning thereafter.

Couldn't wipe that silly grin off of my face.

The reason why I hate taking medication for my antenatal thingy.

Makes me numb and slow.

But I do get some mental rest.

Too slow to think about the bad stuff.

That explains the grin.

I took another tablet just now.

I guess it's too serious for me to control.

The constant mental distress I keep feeding my mind was killing me.

Couldn't wipe the trigger off my mind.

The trigger that caused the rain to start.

Writing this makes me sad again.

But that's all there is.


Too slow to process more devastating thoughts.

I wonder how long I'd be on Prozac this time.

I feel like hiding forever.

Away from the glaring crowd.

Away from all the memory lanes.

I wished I could.

I wish I could.