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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sometimes... I wonder if I'm ever going to get over the fact that I once lost to her.

Even till today... I'd remember that angelic face of her and think of how much evil she had bestowed on me.

She'd made me doubt myself as a woman, as a living person capable of being loved.

Is this why I refuse to allow myself to be loved? Because I feel that I don't deserve it?

Everyone is born to do and excel at different things... I shouldn't compare.

But when she'd crossed my path and showed me she was capable of excelling in what I thought I had excelled at...

I broke. I remain broken till this day.

How does one heal?

How can you look at the person who gave you hell and think nice things about her?

I hope I don't see her...

Yet I would always glance around looking for her presence.

For fear of bumping into her?

Or plainly wanting to make her remember too?


I know.

Yet often I'd ask myself if I'd ever stop doing this to torture my battered soul.

I look at the person sitting next to me right now and I know the answer.

It won't be an easy task... Yet one day, I'd succeed.

Not today... Maybe not even tomorrow or the year after that.

But I have faith... That as long as the man I fought for is still holding my hands tight...

I'd succeed eventually.

Everyone is born to excel in different things.

I was born to excel in adversities.