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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I'm becoming quite a procrastinator.

Chris suggests that I should be a part time writer - I guess specifically to garner more income in a way.

It'd be nice to have a column all to myself somewhere in a magazine or the papers...

Yet where do I find energy to do it?

My own book is stuck in a thick marshy rut - and has been this way for weeks.

Whoever invented PROCRASTINATION is seriously a sinner.

I'm the kind who never leave my 'in-tray' full of stuff.

I'm the kind who maintains an empty 'in-tray'; not because I've got nothing to do, but because I've finished all that I needed to.

Writing a book is SO NOT ME.

I should abandon the idea.

It constantly eats up the space I have on my empty 'in-tray' - all because this is not some work you can complete immediately - it takes time.

Nevertheless, I'm just gonna write on and see if this works.


And baby Ian is sick.

After few months of coughing we decided its time to see a paediatrician - and guess what - the cough has evolved into BRONCHITIS.

This is bad parenting I'm super guilty of.

Thinking that seeing a doctor for coughs would only means getting redundant medication that gives only symptomatic treatment - coughs would go away anyway with/without medications... I've allowed the poor baby to suffer nights of limited oxygen in his little lungs, and crying his heart out cos he couldn't sleep without air.

I'm glad Chris suggested a visit to the PAEDI today.

And the 'garang' baby is still running about, playing catch with his elder brother.

On a different note, we had a wonderful class gathering last weekend.

It's nice to see everyone happily married with kids/kids on the way - and doing well in their careers too.

I still remember the days we spent trying to hide from preceptors/clinical tutors during our field visits to various OTs...

And the pleasant lunch breaks we have together as a class whilst within the school campus.

Now we're all parents of children/foetuses (ok, this sounds weird but what else you want me to call the unborn?)

Congrats to Chin&Ken for carrying a girl, congrats to (the almost exploding)Ling&Sam for the impending boy, congrats to KW&Lily for the new 'atas' abode, congrats to myself for having three when I couldn't afford it!

We are missing some friends here... but... there is still Christmas and many more years to come!

Surprisingly, this is the first group of friends I managed to maintain decent contact with.

I'm super famous for breaking contact once I moved on from whichever stage of life I was in.

I hate contact.

It makes me all human.

And I hate being human.

Although I do know that living a secluded life doesn't mean I'm not human.

It's just... well... you know... I've got to use my heart more when interacting with people.

And I've got a really weary heart.

I'm beginning to lose my train of thoughts... I'm writing all things jumbled up again.

Oh, I miss my husband.

He'd always set things straight for me.

Puts me back into perspective (the one where life is nothing else but a misery)...

Okay. I'm really writing nonsense now.

That's all for now I guess.

Happy holidays people!