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Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Breath of fresh air.

I wonder how long this nausea is going to last.

Well at least the puking stopped.

I realized I'm so used to finishing things up the moment I start, its very difficult to write in bits and pieces like what I've been doing.

Sometimes, in the bus, I'd feel like writing an excerpt and in the end I thought that excerpt didn't quite fit any part of the chapter at all.

Other times, my mood simply doesn't quite link that often. And it appears that two different authors are penning their thoughts into the same space.

Awww... this is getting quite frustrating.

Now I really wish I could just spend one whole week doing nothing but write. Then, I could finish it in a smooth transition instead of trying to fit everything in.

I wonder how other people do it.

Write a few days, travel, then write some more.

He's been feeling tired, he told me yesterday.

When I feel tired, its when I have lost the drive to move ahead.

Is it the same for him?

If so, I need to concentrate on helping him find that drive back.

He looked horrible.

Tiredness only leads to more moody episodes.

And the family suffers.

I hope he gets through this soon; I only have this little bit of sanity to stand by.

Oh, but I'm coping.

Thin thread, but coping.

So much randomness to talk about today.

Then there's Isaac. And his issue with sharing.

Sibling rivalry is really quite a hard nut to crack aye?

Isaac is the sensitive one, thus I keep showing my preference to him rather than the toddler.

Yet it is really hard at times when he acts really selfish.

I think its best left to the kids to fight it out and stay out of the rivalry.

Otherwise sides are bound to be taken.

I never remembered not sharing my things with my brother.

In fact, he was the one who thought I had everything and he had none.

I guess as we grew older, he'd realized that he also had everything. Just not the same kind of things I have.

Really, in life, if we could just look at what we have instead of what others have, we'd have realized right from the start that we have all that we need.

And be contented.

Evil engulfs you in the form of thoughts when you look at what others have and want them for yourself.

What's good for others may not necessarily be good for you.

This is what I learned today.

I learn something new everyday.

And when I die, I hope I die a wise man.

One who spreads good and shuns the evil.

I wonder why I'm so unreceptive to religion.

Yet, I think more good comes out of me genuinely then if I had one(a religion).

I'd bet I'd hate this entry when I read it few months down my life.

It's so... cluttered with thoughts.

I need to reorganize my mind.