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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Watching Bangyong trembling and crrying while begging her husband to tell her everything is alright... makes me shudder.

I'm talking about the 7pm Korean tv serial on channel U.

I shudder because I was her. I had been her.

It was so painful to watch, yet I felt a wee bit consoled that my time was over.

It was so painful... I started having multiple flashbacks; some real, some imagined.

I can never avoid such shows. They are every where. In every tv show.

But as the years go by... I cope better.

I'm ashamed to say that I haven't really let go. Because I've yet to learn to forgive that woman.

One girl once told me, she doesn't hate her marriage-crasher, but she couldn't forgive her either.

I suppose I couldn't do both. Negative.

With the coming of our third child... I reckon we'd move on to greater heights in our marriage.

With this new height, I really hope I'd be enlightened to learn forgiveness.

Together with him, I hope we can both learn to be better spouses, better parents, better persons.

P/s: this entry is totally different from what had been accidentally deleted. But well, it's a different perspective of a different situation at a different time. Cheers anyway!