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Friday, October 29, 2010

I'm writing a book.

I've started.

I'm surprised at how easy it came to me.

No need for hours of pondering over what topic would interest people.

No need to worry about not having time to write.

Time is managed by human.

And I make sure I spend every possible time writing a short paragraph at least.

Even in the toilet.

Think I'm gonna spend less time blogging here...

This book is so going to be awesome.

I realised I can do so many things after I left my previous employer.

What I meant was that anything is possible.

I always worried about getting sponsors and publishers to launch my book.

Now I think these are all possible.

I just have to meet the right person.

Coming out; striking it big on my own without strong institution backing - well, it opened a whole new world of possibilities.

Things I had to struggle to learn, adapt, improve.

Skills I never knew I had.

Yet this pregnancy is really tiring me.

That book I'm reading now...

It really inspired me.

I can't believe how accurate and amazing the writer is.

I wonder if I could amaze and inspire people likewise.

If I hadn't had that terrible bout of flu on the day of my interview...

I would've become a very successful journalist or writer already.

It had been my dream. Somehow stupidity led me into nursing.

That I of course; also love.

It's just... different.

I would have led a different life if I had ventured towards my first goal.

I would've met different people, married a different man.

Still, these are all my what ifs'.

I've accepted what is given to me, and decided to make full use of what I can do.

No procrastination, no regrets allowed.

At least I can proudly say that I've tried.

I'm writing a book...

and I'm proud of myself.