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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I'm sorry I'm starting to get paranoid again.

It's definitely the antenatal blues.

All the images I'd conjured up in my mind. I know they're all fake.

I know for a fact that you are as devoted to me as Mr LKY is to his wife.

I know.

It doesn't mean the menace doesn't get to me.

I don't wanna say... because I don't wanna bring old memories back.

And I feel bad.

Because it's terribly unfair.

And there is really a limit as to how much TLC you can give.

You do have a limit you know that right?

I'm just glad that whatever you lacked... Isaac gave it to me.

He's the one who constantly looks at me be it whether he's playing with his toys or watching the Korean drama with me.

He knows when I'm feeling sad and teary-eyed.

He gently massages my back when I'm feeling sick and he strokes my hand when I tell him I'm sad.

But I think its all too much for a four-year-old.

He is taking too much emotions in his own hand.

He's my favorite.

Darling... other than the constant chattering... he really beats you hands down.