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Thursday, October 14, 2010

I'm deteriorating. I know it.

I'm receding into the dark side... And watching heartlessly as my sanity vanish into the darkness.

It's the same old story every time. I regress, he cannot cope, I react, he backs away.

This time, there's something new.

I don't react anymore.

At least not in visual mode.

I can feel all the agony filling up within like a helium balloon.

And I'm on the verge of explosion.

I'm so tired.

Does anyone even wanna try understanding what I'm going through?

Guess not. No point anyway.

I'm so sick of life.

Sick of living.

The facade I'm portraying...

I'm sick of it.

I should just show everyone who I truly am...

A pathetic weakling.

No longer wish to please anyone.

I'm just gonna mind my own business and wait for death to overcome life.

This is really getting nowhere.

I don't even wanna write about how I feel anymore, let alone tell anyone.

I just wish the nightmares had never returned.

I hate not being able to sleep in peace.

I'm so tired.

So weary.

So alone.