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Saturday, October 30, 2010

I sent this complain to them. Because they failed to do service recovery stat:

To whom it may concern

My husband and I went to one of your Sake Sushi outlet at Novena Square 2 this afternoon at around 1300hr.

We ordered a few red plates and some colored plates. Two colored plates of unagi sushi first came, and to my husband's horror, he tasted a bad sourish taste the moment the sushi was put in his mouth!

We immediately smelt sour smell when we put the rest of the sushi near our noses to check for bad food.

We called for help; twice but no one came. One waitress came only because she had wanted to serve us some more sushi we'd ordered.

My husband complained to her about the soured unagi sushi and she took them away, both the untouched ones and the ones that my husband spat out. I have to mention that the rest of the time spent at the restaurant was excruciating!

Firstly we kept wondering if our sashimi was fresh and germ-free. I am currently pregnant and fornyour information: bad food means diarrhea and threatened miscarriage! Then my husband didn't enjoy his food because of the bad sour taste in his mouth that wouldn't go away even after he spat the soured sushi out. Thirdly, we asked for a replacement unagi sushi three times! It didn't come.

Quite frustrated, we asked to settle the bill without waiting further. I'd assume your branch manager to be customer-savvy and settle our terrible experience with tact, instead, when asked what email address to send to complain about food quality, she happily pointed out that the address could be found in the membership card brochure. Is she very happy to receive a complaint? Or is she just glad we didn't kick up a big fuss right in front of all other customers?

I presume all customers would be appalled by the type of food you serve there and refuse to patronize it anymore if they'd knew you serve expired, sour, smelly, unfresh food. And to think you pride yourself in maintaining standards and hygiene in your advertisements all over!

I'm very disappointed to have encouraged my husband to recently sign up for membership at Sake Sushi, because unless you give us a proper explanation as to why expired food was served to us, I'll make sure we will never patronize your restaurants ever again. And we will also make certain the public knows about it. This is for their safety.

Thank you for your time.

Samantha Teo
Horrified and disgruntled customer

Sent from my iPhone

See. If you had only be humble enough to apologize and recover our lost faith, I'd never had done this to you.