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Saturday, October 23, 2010

As dark as the world may look, light would eventually break through.

We may fall victim to many things; we should not look back.

Ahead of us, there are so many more challenges awaiting us, mountains to climb, love to conquer.

From history, we learn not to repeat the same silly mistakes.

From tragedies, we learn that scars are indeed bearable if you acknowledge they're permanent.

From love lost, we learn that sometimes, it's better to let go than hang on to people who didn't think you mattered anymore.

Infidelity is more rampant than we all think it is.

So many people fall victim, fall prey, and fall head over heels to it.

Just a mental note; that I'm not alone. And girls, you are not too.

The bitches WILL die of cervical cancers, the penises WILL shrivel to bits eventually.

YOUR life is what matters most.

Get out if there is no more hope; hang on if he still cares.

I'm not just lucky. He worked hard.

If yours didn't, so what?

Life goes on, there are plenty of other love waiting for you to embrace them.

You know there are, you just have to believe yourself.

I'm not the only strong one. You are too, you just haven't realized it.

Good luck, and may you eventually find love, rekindled or new - doesn't really matter.