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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Yes. I'm pregnant again.

No. I didn't plan for this. Again.

You know you are darn lucky when your menstruation does not return after your delivery of your second child; but somehow managed to create the embryo.

For all who are any wiser... Well... The first ovulated ovum (after giving birth) of my very well maintained female reproductive organ, has managed to meet up with some sneakily strong swimmer and fused to form what you call an embryo. Yes. An embryo. Not yet a fetus.

I'm very darn sure it'll BECOME a fetus. And it'll grow pretty well in my (as my helper would call it) "mattress".

Despite all my jumping, running, heavy lifting, climbing... I knew that this kid is going to thrive.

All my kids do. This one will not make the difference.

How does one couple handle three children and a budding romance?

I think we should do just fine... Provided I keep all stressors away from my husband.

How to? When the natural instinct of the male since evolution, is to feed and provide for the women and children?

He is taking it SO in his stride... Like if all else fails there is still him around to hold my hand... I'm touched. Deeply. And most determined that he is the best man most suited for my cynicism.

Yes, I know I hate menses. But I didn't say I don't want it for four straight years!

OMG. This is so unbelievable. I'm still in denial.

And no, I'm not the superstitious kind. If I should tell the world that I'm pregnant before the first trimester is up, and I lose the baby, I'm not going to blame my big heart for that. Good news are meant to be shared.

And I wanna share it with YOU. Yes, you.

In case you have some spare cash... I wouldn't really mind some.

I need A LOT. I mean really.

Tell me again... How do you raise three kids in Singapore?

Shucks, my migraine is starting again. All the numbers are killing me. (@@)||

And I haven't got to the part where I need to kill myself if I have three SONS to raise. *faints*

Believe me. You won't wanna hear it.

Oh. My. God.