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My Tw|t Garden
Wednesday, September 15, 2010

We've got a seven-seater as a loan vehicle whilst the damaged one is being repaired.

Isaac wants this current one to stay permanently. Oh he loves the extra seats. Ian too.

Yeah, will need to get one soon. When the third kid arrives.

Everyday still sucks. Mainly because I keep retching and get giddy all the time. Yet work and kids are constantly on my mind. Thus my poor husband ended up bearing the brunt of it... I'm so hot tempered and impatient these days.

And the nicest things he does still seem insufficient despite myself.

I know it's the hormones. And I'm super apologetic about being the nasty bitxh.

I hope he's holding up good. It appears that he may just explode anytime too.

Well, nevertheless, life's been pretty awesome and challenging. And I absolutely love my husband!