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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Tired. Of having to battle this everyday.

I wonder when I'm really going to walk out of this shadow.

Sometimes I really feel like giving up. Because I have no resolution not to.

Its been almost three years yet I feel as if it was yesterday.

I wished and wished it didn't happen to me.

I wished and wished I didn't have to deal with this.

But look at what good came out of it... still... is it really worth it?

I know. Its the pregnancy-induced depressive state I'm in right now.

Eight months down the road, I'll be good as new, thinking that life couldn't be better if God has not planned this for us to endure.

I'm still stuck between two time zones... the other half reluctant to move beyond forgiveness.

Forgiveness that'll release me. Not her. Me.

I'm so silly to hang myself up to torture.

Matt's wife died four years ago; he's still writing about her, mines' not even three. I should have some reason not to stop right?

Love and hate are really just one line that delineates. I guess its all the same.

I'm so going to throw up right now.