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Friday, September 10, 2010

So sleepy....

Sitting at Subway waiting for his photography session to end. It's the Gundam exhibition.

I didn't join him because I was feeling tired. And nauseated. And giddy. And bloated. And....

I need a bed.

The breastmilk cooler bag cost half a hundred bucks. (we bought one to replace a torn one I've been using and refusing to throw)

This bag could hold like eight bottles of expressed breastmilk (EBM).

At least that's what he said.

I reckon at most six.

Good thing is that I don't need to store a pump. I use manual technique. You know, like milking a cow? Yeah. Literally.

Have given numerous teaching sessions to friends and colleagues. Somehow it may not be as efficient as an automated twin pump, nevertheless it's definitely more nipple-friendly. Less traumatic (if you're thinking of pumping for at least three years).

Does he realize that it's been almost an hour since he's been gone?!

I can't even think of witty things to write anymore.

Now I'm resorting to writing about expressing milk?!

My eyelids are shutting as I'm writing.

Freaking engrossed man.

I've even finished all the drinks on the table.

Oh I desperately need a bed.

Did I write about that already?