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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Rather than lamenting about my current state of life right now... I've decided to write something positive today.

Isaac is putting on weight despite being sick half the time... Ian is still smiley faced despite losing sleep due to some nagging pain (that I'm clueless about) and a high fever (yes, AGAIN!) since yesterday.

I'm taking things easy despite the weird outburst last night and this morning, and surprisingly, when I try to accommodate my spouse's temperament, the nausea and giddiness and FATIGUE seems less of an irritant.

My man is his usual self, angry at nothing and thereafter angry at himself getting angry at NOTHING.

It's cute. I just find him weird to be triggered by the most negligible thing. Like the baby's endless crying (cos the poor chap was sooo tired but couldn't sleep due to unexplained discomfort)...

I try not to attribute it to my worthlessness last night, and this morning. I tried; instead, to think of all the times when I felt weepy and he was there holding my hands; no questions asked.

I have my weaknesses, he has his. I just have to make do with them and not nit-pick too much.

Besides, he's not feeling well himself... And he has the children and ME to look after.

See. I'm thinking positive today.

I'm just darn hoping that I can sleep forever until the baby arrives. Not that I feel depressed or anything...

It's just extreme tiredness.

It's tired being a cow and a sow all at the same time.