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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

It's really a big difference between private institutions and restructured ones.

I wanted to send a patient to emergency department earlier on and the staff told me the patient had to wait. She had many patients and admission to attend to.

Well that alone made me empathize with them so I thought I'd go down personally to see that my VVIP patient doesn't wait too LONG.

When I went down... There were like... Three patients waiting. THREE! And the staff nurse was nowhere attending to anyone of them. She was hidden behind the counter doing NOTHING!

But she still insisted that my VVIP had to wait despite me showing her the documents that it is NOT CLEVER to make them wait.

In the end... I offered to take blood for the ED staff nurse who was SO busy.

The VVIP saw everything in his eyes and told me personally that he really appreciated what I did because he expected the staff to make his wife wait forever.

The ED staff really got eyes dunno how to see Tarzan... Die die!