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Monday, September 6, 2010

Bad, bad day. Many more such bad days ahead. I hate being pregnant.

I hate the giddy, nauseated feeling I have 24-7.

I think I'm anemic.

Then again, I think even if I am, I won't take my iron tablets.

I hate swallowing medication. I hate medication.

My only saving grace is that I still have a very tolerant husband who caters to every bit of my whims and complaints.

The children are still sick. Forever having chesty coughs and runny noses. I'm getting quite weak in physical state to really entertain them like I used to. Age is really catching up on me. Either that, or breastfeeding whilst pregnant is really not my cup of tea.

Feel bad for he whose name means laughter (Isaac). With the third one coming, I wonder if he'd ever have enough of love from his parents. I must clarify that we do try. Maybe occasionally we tend to give less... Only because he simply put our patience to test too many times!

This time I should get my unborn baby to buy him a nice-to-meet-you-big-brother gift instead. Previously isaac bought one for Ian.

Perhaps this time, Isaac would have more interest in sharing his toys with this baby.

Sibling rivalry.

Shucks my migraine is coming on again.