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My Tw|t Garden
Friday, August 27, 2010

Today is the happiest day of my life. I wasn't even this happy when he first proposed to me up in mount Faber many years ago.

Because this time, I knew he meant it. The look in his eyes, the smile he carried, the glister of blessedness in his face triggered by my goofy glee at the sight of THE ring.

I didn't know he was going to do it. Propose again I mean.

I thought it was just buy-a-ring-and-that-was-it affair.

And he went through so much effort to do it... Now that made me truly feel his love for me. Never in our lives together had he done the amount of things he'd done the past week. I feel like his one and only; his world and universe.

He knows that he's my world and universe; now I know I am his too.

I thank God for giving me him, and I thank Him for showing us that true love is not about sharing joy; it's about enduring hardships and difficult times yet emerging as ONE.

The rings, I fell in love with the design at first sight; I have to write the reason why....

It's a blend of rose and white gold, bound together by a solitary rock. I feel that it symbolizes the two of us; two totally different personalities - poles apart even, yet our lives are so perfectly intertwined... Bound by our love for each other.

Rock solid love.

And growing stronger with every test God put us through.

The rings are perfect for us, perfect symbols of what and who we are now, and forever.

The proposal simply made it even more perfect. Atop the highest point of the gigantic ferris wheel... He made me felt so so sure, that I was worth it; that I deserve to be happy.

I do not have to compete with anyone for his love anymore; he has proven that I fill his whole heart and soul... Well, maybe half, the other half is his male ego

Nevertheless... I'm contented to have this space in his heart. I'm grateful to him for letting me in once again.

The sunset view was beautiful... Just like how our love is gonna look in the prime of our days... Golden, with a dash of red.

Precious, with a dash of passion.

I love you, Chris. I really do.

Thank you for loving me.