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My Tw|t Garden
Wednesday, August 25, 2010

He said, "Get dressed, we're going somewhere."

We walked quite silently to the car park. The silence insinuated by an occasional cordial conversation. Very awkward.

As we stepped into the car park lift... he told me to keep my eyes closed when the lift door opened.

I got excited. But tried to remain indignant. (What could ever go right for this day?)

As the lift door opened... I looked at the bright light for one last time before I shut the windows to my soul.

He took my hand, "Follow me."

I was apprehensive. Frightened of tripping and falling... after all, the car park was full of cars... parked or moving.

Realizing that this is the man I'm supposed to trust for life... I wondered why I didn't.

I decided to just listen to his voice as he guided me forward, up a flight of stairs, and stood still.

He told me to wait. A while.

I waited. Got tired; this has not been a very comfortable day.

"Okay, done. Why are you squatting? Come, keep your eyes closed and follow me," he said gently.

"Now open them," he continued.

At the trunk of the car, was a lit candle on top of a gorgeously white cake, a bouquet of flowers lying beside the circular dessert, and two glasses of drinks.

"Water," he said.

I smiled.

And started tearing.

He opened his arms wide out as if to initiate a hug. I fell into his embrace; crying like a baby.

"What is a birthday without a cake?" he said in zest.

"And flowers."

We sang us a birthday song, made a birthday wish and blew the candle. All the while he was busy wiping the salty liquid off of my face.

"We are going to break the curse of August 24th, today is the start of many wonderful August 24ths to come!" he said softly. "Trust me."

And there and then... I truly believed.