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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Fine. Indulge in the vicious cycle. Am I subconsciously demanding too much or we are just not compatible enough?

I was told we were made perfect for each other. But I'm quite sure we are made differently. I can never understand the instructions he gives me... The instructions he thinks are simple enough; yet I 'catch no ball'.

People... Really, don't assume your loved ones can read your mind. Don't expect to say a monosyllabus 'sentence' and expect your partner to understand. Don't... ever fall into the trap of assumption and soulmates... They can't both co-exist. Soulmates are not for you to make assumptions about. Likewise, assumptions cannot be made about your soulmates.

Be polite. Always. Because if you cannot get your message across, rephrase and try again, because your partner is worth the effort and patience.

If the message is not conveyed properly, don't assume that your partner is stupid and flare up. Because believe it or not, your partner may be trying very very hard to listen for hidden messages within that monosyllabus.

I'm so ashamed of myself. Even without staring at the mirror, I know for a fact that my facial expression is mostly in a constant state of fear and uncertainty. I look down instinctively when he begins to stare, I look lost when being shouted at.

He says he doesn't shout.

Maybe I should really tape my life down for all to judge.

I'm tired.

I need my therapy.

I need to be invisible.

I need some courage.