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My Tw|t Garden
Monday, July 12, 2010

Please, please... stay focused.

We have a lifetime together, don't waste it on shattered glasses; the current china ware looks so much better.

Don't bother to look at his weaknesses and stop grousing about his personality.

His strengths are so much more beautiful; ain't his personality the sole cause for your deep love for him?

Appreciate, and you will find contentment.

How many times do you have to write that to etch it in your mind, Sam?

I'm so disgusted with myself.

Like I'm any better than him... duh. NOT!

Self talk. The only way to knock some sense into this impossible and stubborn-as-a-mule soul who insists on living as the ghost of the past.

Reborn. And be happy. You deserve it, Sam.