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Monday, July 19, 2010

It's so wrong to assume things for others; even for your own partners. You may do things for the good of them, but the intention may not be reciprocated.

I hate drinking milk in the morning. It leave a smelly aftertaste even after brushing my teeth. But the milk is always on the table waiting on most mornings; even though I mentioned I'd very much prefer to have it at night.

I appreciate very much the gestures extended to me and am so thankful that at least he cared.

Are you thankful for the things done to you; not to your liking but very much for your own good?

Mothers are the number one culprits for this kinda deeds. And many a times we take them for granted; tell them off for not respecting our wishes.

But really... All they want is for us o be safe and healthy and happy.

Likewise in my situation.

I really feel like doing a 'bleah!' and telling him to shove it. Still... You see... I will eventually end up being in the wrong which ever side of the coin I chose to bet myself on...

Suck big time.

I should learn self restrain. From both sides of the coin. Best if I could just mind my own business. Steer clear of trouble.

So tired these days. Like... How nice if I were to be able to sleep forever.

I need help, not more stimulants. You need help; I cannot help you. Isn't it obvious why? Sorry.

Sorry sorry sorry.

My bad.

Always my bad.

So tired.

So so tired.

Someone please save me from all these miseries.

I'm inching very very close to the brink of some place I'd rather be. I know it and yet am too weak to refuse it.

No one is helping. No one.

So tired.