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Monday, July 5, 2010

How do you know you are in a bad relationship that urgently needs you to get out of?

How do you know when love becomes dangerous?

It's the fish bowl effect. You'll never know it until you're dead. Or at least crippled.


Life is really a test of faith. And when you believe... You will.

The will explains a lot; why people persevere and trudge on even in the darkest night and stickiest mud...

I'm talking about willpower; the mind over matter. Unless you're telling me that the devil has other plans in store for me...

I'm now officially led to believe that it's a lose-lose situation that I have to endure... Hopefully one day... I might just win one small battle... Just one, dear Life. So I can proudly tell my decendants that I've lived, and survived.

So vague... Yet these words calm my tortured soul.

So incoherent.. Yet these words put perspectives right again.

Funny how everyone wallows in their own miseries... And leave the poor poorer, the sick sicker... The angry, angrier.

Time to pick up your weary hearts and start painting fresh new paint to your colorful lives! Do not even waste another nanosecond worrying about things we cannot control... Because time waits for no man... And no man waits for one woman forever. Take his hand or forever hold your peace.

Peace... I'm going to take from the One who gives.